Health Guarantee Tidbits

Health Guarantee Tidbits

I do not have a complicated 10 page Health Guarantee. I do have Beautiful Red Toy Poodles! In the event that one of my puppies has a life threatening hereditary disease or illness(diagnosed & confirmed by my vet, and yours) Before one year of age, I will credit the purchase price of that puppy toward another available or future puppy of ours.

Our puppies will not go home vaccinated,if you choose to vaccinate & your puppy becomes ill from vaccinations, I cannot be responsible for vet visits and/or medications brought on by vaccinations.

I reserve the right to reclaim the ill puppy after considering the following: The type of Illness, the conditions involved, & our conversations with you regarding the ill puppy. If you choose to keep the puppy because you love him very much and want to take care of him/her properly, we will not insist on taking your pet back & replacing it. We will not be responsible for vet bills, medications needed or travel expenses.
We do our best to produce healthy, lovable, long living puppies. Our goal is to give you a best friend & family member to enjoy for many many years to come....not to break your heart with a Ill puppy, or to have my puppy suffer from a illness or health issues.

More Important Information

We have never had a need to take a puppy back & replace it!!

My thoughts on this area of subject:
Dogs are a lot like people(not exactly, just some similarities). If you had a child, and sometime later, maybe a year or two, and some health issues came up, and you had to take him/her to the doctor to figure out what the problem is, and decide on a plan to help him/her to either get better, or control the health issues. Would you then consider giving him/or her away to another family? I could not. Some would because its inconvenient to have a unhealthy child or puppy in this case. I do understand that some families could not afford to properly take care of an ill puppy, if that was the case, I certainly would consider taking that puppy back. But, if your life & financial situation lets you, please consider taking care of your puppy no matter how his life ends up......
My son-in-law has several health disorders & I am quite certain his Mother would never consider sending him away.... weather it happened when he was two or thirty two.
You cannot always guarantee that a person or a furry family member is going to have perfect health all of his or her life. In fact, you almost never can.
I also know that when people are born, the doctors never guarantee their health!

I will consider all the issues if this matter ever arises with your puppy in the first year of his/her precious life.


with heart felt love for all my puppies!!